Your Mind Likes Repetition

By telling yourself what you want to hear and feeding your mind with positive suggestions throughout the day, you can successfully influence your subconscious and reprogram your mindset.

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Start Talking Yourself Into Your Best Life Today

Download the app and create your account.
Listen to the default category playlists, or create your own playlists by selecting affirmations that speak to you right now, based on desired outcomes.
Schedule your listening times: We recommend you listen at least twice a day (remember, the mind like repetition; so to change your mindset you need to make it a habit to listen often and feed your subconsious).
Listen to your playlists and talk yourself into living the life you deserve! It's also important to try to invoke feelings while you're listening, and elevate your mood.
Change your affirmations and playlists as your areas of focus change in your life, or you feel like you need to level up and become bolder with your affirmations.
make it your own

Creating Custom Affirmations

When creating your own affirmations, consider the difference between second person or third person. When recording your own custom affirmations, play around with the three different approaches: first, second, or third person. See what feels best for you, based on different topics.